Your software handles the day-to-day operations and processes of your business. Don't be held back with an outdated solution that hasn't kept up with your processes and the ever-evolving world around us.

Why Upgrade a Legacy System?

Upgrade legacy systems that have the potetial get you back to the top.

Modernising your business's systems can be the key to new opertunities and growth, openning up a competetive edge that brings you ahead of the rest.

Overnight cut-overs to replace systems can be very risky and are prone to error. A staged migration process instead allows for a safer migration and a more comprehensive outcome. This staged modernisation process helps throttle the pace of change, smoothen the training curve and protects productivity throughout the modernisation process.

Technologies We've Helped Migrate Away From

Don't be held back by limiting and out-of-date solutions.

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Microsoft Access

A database management system that forms part of the Microsoft Office suite, combining a database engine with a graphical user interface. While Access can be a capable starting point for basic small business data entry, it often hits limitations when attempting to scale and expand upon the functionality.

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Microsoft Excel

A spreadsheet software that forms part of the Microsoft Office suite that features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming in the Visual Basic programming language. While it's often a very useful tool, Excel is no replacement for a database-backed business tool.

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A content management system featuring a plugin architecture and a templating system. Plugins are available to perform a number of useful functions including storefronts, booking systems, online portals. The system can however hit limitations when attempting to expand and tweak its functionality to more tightly fit unique business processes.

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