Our custom software solutions are made-to-measure answers to problems that automate and systemise processes, facilitate statistics and reporting, and take workload off key staff.

What Is Custom Software?

Get a made-to-measure software solution to help your business get ahead.

Custom software development involves the discovery of requirements from the client, and building a software solution that's tailored exactly. This means the end result is a perfect fit, bringing staff productivity and efficiency, functionality and uniqueness at a level far beyond anything an off-the-shelf software package can provide.

While choosing to develop a custom software solution for your business can requires an investment of time and resources, the resulting product is an invaluable tool for your business operations, that can evolve along with your business and its industry to stay ahead.

Our Process

At Indionic, we work hard to maintain simple, yet effective engagements with our clients.


First, a discovery phase to learn about and understand your business and the challenges and pain points it faces day-to-day. From there, we can draw up a plan for the project, and what it will involve.


Next, we get to work building and testing the solution, keeping you involved to give input and feedback along the way.

Integrate & Maintain

Once the solution is built and ready to go, it's integrated as smoothly as possible. Maintenance and improvements are made during the solution's lifetime to keep it running smoothly and effectively for your business.

Let's find the answer together.

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