Managing orders, deliveries and payments are key processes for many retail and wholesale businesses. At Indionic, we focus on building online ordering systems and software that enable your business to thrive. All ordering systems that we develop are tailor-made to suit your business’s needs, solve existing problems, and make managing orders and deliveries much simpler and more effective for both your business and your customers.

Key Benefits

How can an online ordering system help your business?

Accept Online Orders

Moving your ordering system online allows your business the flexibility to manage key areas of your business from one purpose-built platform. Accepting orders online greatly reduces manual data entry because orders, deliveries, inventory and payments are all managed in the one system.

Manage Inventory

Having the ability to manage inventory and orders in the one system provides your business with insight into the availability of products and inventory levels in real-time.

Accept Payments

Having the ability to accept secure online credit card payments through your online ordering system helps your business to improve and manage cashflow, as payments can be made upfront when a customer places an order.


Let automated reminders and confirmation email/SMS messages keep you and your customers up-to-date about their order's progress and other important communication, updates and events.

Print & Scan Labels

Having the ability to easily print and scan order/product labels, as well as invoices and packing slips, can greatly reduce manual handling and data entry, improving and streamlining the order fulfilment process.

Manage Deliveries

Manage and schedule customer deliveries and logistics at the click of a button, with route planning, delivery tracking and updates in the one purpose-built solution.

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