Almost every business has their own unique way of interacting and communicating with customers and staff. Whether your business operates as business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), an online web portal can act as a platform to interact with customers and staff, manage and distribute information, manage transactions and service delivery, and automate business processes. At Indionic, we focus on building online portals and software that enable your business to thrive. We do this by understanding the unique way your business interacts and communicates with customers and staff, delivers services and products, and distributes information. We then work together to build an online portal that enables your business to deliver services, products, information and communication more efficiently and effectively.

Key Benefits

How can an online portal help your business?

Interact with Customers

Interact, communicate and engage with customers, staff and business partners in one comprehensive platform, that enhances the way you do business.

Online Services

Manage and deliver online services to customers through your web portal, allowing your business the ability to streamline, automate and enhance its service delivery.

Information Delivery

Manage and deliver important information to customers and staff through your web portal, allowing your business the ability to effortlessly stay on top of information and communication.

Online Payments

Having the ability to accept secure online payments through your online portal for service delivery, products and information, helps your business to improve and manage cashflow.

Manage Contacts

Collect and manage contacts and customer details, enhancing your business's ability to communicate and engage on a more personal level.

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