Managing and scheduling bookings/appointments are a key process for many service businesses. At Indionic, we focus on building booking systems and software that enable your business to thrive. We do this by understanding the key processes and information your business requires when taking a booking, and then we work together to create an online booking tool that not only solves existing problems, but creates opportunity for your business to grow.

Key Benefits

How can an online booking system help your business?

Accept Online Bookings

Moving your booking system online allows your business the flexibility to manage bookings anytime, anywhere. Accepting bookings online reduces manual data entry because bookings are both accepted and managed in the one system.

Manage Availability

Managing availability, overlaps and bookings can be on-going and time consuming, which is why our online booking systems automate these processes, calculating and displaying availability and alerting staff of overlaps.

Accept Payments

Having the ability to accept secure online credit card payments and deposits through your booking system helps your business to improve and manage cashflow. This also reduces customer no-shows and cancellations because payments and deposits can be processed when the booking is made.


Let automated reminders and confirmation email/SMS messages keep you and your customers up-to-date about upcoming bookings, appointments and other important communication, updates and events.

Business Analytics

Keep on top of your business and bookings at all times with well-designed dashboards and reports, allowing you the ability to always have your finger on the pulse.

Manage Resources

As well as managing bookings, a well-designed booking system can help manage resources, assets and staff, in one purpose built solution.

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